Sculptured Stone Baths

Our beautifully designed,
baths and basins are manually polished for several hours, by hand, to create a product that looks and feels beatiful. Made from Durastone® stone resin (Composite Stone) is a high-quality, professionally produced stone resin. Using a blend of finely ground, pure white limestone and various other compounds mixed with superior performance resin, our products are tactile, durable and exquisitely luxurious.
The naturally formed, quarried limestone is carefully selected and cleaned for purity before it is ground into a fine powder. Then skilfully combine this powder with clear resin to create a radiant finish that looks naturally white without the synthetic, bleached look of acrylic.
Our special Durastone® formulation boasts many unique properties. The natural stone gives each finished piece unique warmth and a wonderful, tactile feel. The addition of our premium-grade resin creates a bond with unbeatable strength and discernible durability.The material is solid all the way through with no layering to cause weakness. ( These stone resin baths are heavy). The exceptional quality of our luxurious stone resin products that each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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  • Shrewsbury Bathroom showrooms
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  • Telford Bathroom Showrooms
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