Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is now an essential lifestyle choice for any professionally designed room. For your project you will want to purchase the highest quality products, with a lifetime guarantee at a fair price. You should also try to buy products made within the UK and Ireland whenever possible.
Our cable and mat products are probably the best on the market and to our knowledge are the only system’s manufactured in Ireland. You can have 100% peace of mind knowing that our heating products are manufactured in a safe regulated environment to exact standards and approvals. We offer a
lifetime guarantee on all of our cables and mat systems.
All you need to buy is the correct sized product, a programmable thermostat and to make sure that you have a residual current device (RCD) on the electricity supply.
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Why buy our products?
Our factory has been selling electric underfloor heating globally for over ten years and have been in the heating industry for more than 30 years. We are experts and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.
Our products have many benefits including:
  • Thin cable technology - 2mm Heating cables
  • This saves on tile adhesive as it is recommended to cover the heating wire with flexible tile adhesive or flexible self-leveller,using a rubber grouting float so not to damage the wire.Some heating wires are 4-6 mm thick.
  • Safety - International safety approvals
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy fit - One 3m connection cable
  • Strength - Mats have a tough fibre glass construction
  • Power - 200 watts per m2 mat systems
  • Technology – we use Tefzel insulation
We recommend that you use the 200w mat in older buildings, conservatories and where more heat is generally required. Our new 200w mat has many benefits over competitors.
  • Easy to install – has three adhesive strips to hold the mat in place
  • Tefzel insulation technology – Can withstand temperatures up to 200C
  • Very thin - Only 2.1mm thick
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • One 3m long connection cable
  • Strong – professional fibre glass strengthened mat
To use underfloor heating as the only heating in a room without the need for additional radiators there are a few important factors that need to be taken into account. Is there insulation under the floor?
How much space is available for heating in relation to the size of the room?
We recommend that you contact us for free advice to make sure the heating will provide the required output for your area.

Buying underfloor heating and sizing advice

The most important part about underfloor heating is that you never order too much, you cannot simply cut the end of the mat or cable off. Ordering the correct size is imperative. Calculate the square meters of the room allowing for a 10cm border and for any fixed furniture. The heating only needs to go in areas free of permanent furniture (baths etc). The sizes available are shown on the product pages of this website. If your area is bigger than the products, you can combine different sizes.
In the examples below you must take 10cm off each for the border of the room.

Bathroom size: 2300 x 1800 (4.14m²)
Taking out the bathroom furniture (1.3m²)
• 4 insulation boards
  • 200w Cable kit
  • 1 x thermostat of choice
  • Remember always make sure there is an RCD on the supply, if not install an RCD spur.
Area: 3900mm x 3500mm (12.9m²)
• 18 insulation boards
  • 12m² of matting (2 x 6m² mats)
  • 1 x Thermostat of choice
Area: 3100mm x 2850mm (8.83m²)
  • 12 insulation boards
  • 8m
  • 1 x Thermostat of choice
Remember always make sure there is an RCD on the supply, if not install an RCD spur.
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Keeping warm does not have to cost the Earth
Electric floor heating systems heat up faster than most central heating systems and you can also control your heating requirements from room to room concentrating on the areas you use most.
For example to heat a 2m2 tiled bathroom  floor for 8 hours per day using  160w uses 320 watts per hour  – resulting in running costs of around 16p* per day.
*Based on 160watts per sq. m price/kwh 13p (Incl taxes) Total includes 50% saving by using a programmable thermostat.
No maintenance costs
Electric floor heating systems have no moving parts to wear out. Once the system is installed there wil be no radiators to bleed, fireplaces to clean or wood burners to service. Electric floor heating systems have no maintenance costs and will never let you down. Ever. Furthermore, our heating mats are backed by a lifetime guarantee giving you total peace of mind.
Quick heat-up times when and where you need it
An Electric floor heating mat installed on an insulated floor reaches operating temperature in just 20 minutes allowing you to heat only the rooms you need when you need them. This is much faster than the usual 4 hours required by traditional water based underfloor systems. In addition each room has its own individual thermostat allowing you freedom to choose precisely when and where you require heat.
Space saving and convenient
With Electric floor heating mats your heating system is now part of the floor, giving you the complete freedom to arrange the furniture as you choose. Electric floor heating mats are ultra safe with no more loose wires to trip over, open flames or radiators to hide away.
Health and well-being
Electric floor heating systems prevent the air from drying out in your home and eliiminates the conditions dust mites need to survive. There are no heater vents or grills which can gather dust and need to be cleaned. This is a huge benefit to sufferers of asthma and other breathing difficulties. The system is also invisible and silent creating a warm, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

A question of quality

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There are many systems on the market and unless you are an expert it is difficult to choose one from another. This is a quality guide to what to look for.
Our heating cables are all manufactured in Ireland. The cables are manufactured to meet the underfloor heating standard EN 60335-2-96. The cables are subjected to continuous testing throughout the manufacturing process and the factories are subjected to regular external quality audits.
The manufacturing process involves twining a multi-strand heating cable with nylon, then having the insulation extruded around it and tested by a 5000V spark test. If there is any slight deformation the machine will stop. This ensures the products are 100% accurate every time.
Cheaper products are cheaper for a reason, single strand brittle heating cable, poor quality insulation and dangerous connection cables are what our technicians have found when testing so called ‘bargain’ products.
The products should have a recognised safety mark not just the CE mark.
Our products have the recognised safety standards by LGA – don’t take a chance on what seems like a bargain – it rarely is!
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